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Vein Removal
Destroy unsightly, purple, swollen veins once & for all so that you can enjoy the skin you’re in.

Spider & Varicose Vein Removal in Springfield, MO

From limited wardrobe options to embarrassing vacation photos, spider and varicose veins can cause a major impact despite their small stature. But unwanted veins aren’t permanent features of your vascular system so much as malformed rogues that can be quickly and effectively removed for good. At Bentley Skincare & Wellness, we can help you do just that. Here’s how.

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How Vein Removal Works

Spider and varicose veins are not integral features of your body. The unwanted duo most often appear due to lifestyle changes, increased pressure in nearby blood veins, or hormonal changes such as menopause or pregnancy. Thankfully, these non-vital channels can be quickly and easily closed for business with sclerotherapy and laser vein removal at Bentley Skincare & Wellness in Springfield, MO.

Despite how we think about veins, blood will find a way where it needs to go with or without certain vessels open. Spider and varicose veins are no different. By using an FDA-approved solution, targeted injections irritate the lining of unwanted veins, causing them to collapse. Afterward, that blood finds a new pathway through healthier, less-visible veins.

Laser Vein Removal
Similar to sclerotherapy, the ultimate purpose of laser vein removal is to collapse unwanted veins and force the blood to reroute. While sclerotherapy uses a solution, laser vein removal uses a powerful Long pulse Nd: Yag laser to heat up and shut down spider and varicose veins. Without harming the surrounding tissue, laser vein removal creates a scar tissue reaction in the walls of the vein. Afterward, that blood moves on in channels below the visible skin layer for smoother skin just about anywhere you need it.

Vein Removal FAQs

Yes, sclerotherapy and laser vein removal close veins for good. Unfortunately, neither option can treat the underlying cause of spider and varicose vein development. As such, further veins may appear, though not in the same way or in the same place again.

On average, veins collapse and close for good within six weeks, but the entire process can take anywhere from one to three months before the full results materialize. Veins fade within weeks of your sclerotherapy appointment, but multiple injections may be required for the best results.

Laser vein removal uses powerful beams of focused light to collapse and destroy unwanted vein walls. While not usually described as “painful,” the procedure can cause sensations of heat or “snapping” on the skin. A topical anesthetic may be applied to ensure the most comfortable procedure, and afterward, some minor bruising and swelling can be expected. Overall, laser vein removal is a comfortable, quick, and effective procedure for most patients.

Permanently Delete Unwanted Veins with Bentley Skincare & Wellness

Age plays enough tricks on us already without also throwing gnarly, purple, snaking veins into the mix. Thankfully, spider veins and varicose veins have met their match in sclerotherapy solutions and powerful beams of laser energy. Take back your legs from unhelpful and unsightly veins with a treatment option to match your lifestyle at Bentley Skincare & Wellness in Springfield, MO.

During your consultation at Bentley Skincare & Wellness, we’ll speak with you about your goals and expectations. Afterward, we’ll recommend a treatment option to solve your spider and varicose veins once and for all. For a permanent boost to your wardrobe options, or for your first confident trip to the shoreline in years, schedule your consultation today with Bentley Skincare & Wellness.

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