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Chisel & enhance your chin, cheeks, jawline, nose, & elsewhere.

Safe & Effective Silicone Facial Implants in Springfield, MO

So many cosmetic issues in life have an actionable solution. We can lose weight, build muscle, and laser away most skin concerns. But when it comes to the skeletal structure of your face, there’s only so much dermal fillers can do. Thankfully, safe and effective silicone facial implants allow you to construct a face to match your deepest desires. Here’s how.

How Facial Implants Work

material. As a chemically neutral substance, silicone poses little to no risk as an implantable cosmetic device. Once positioned, your own body creates a layer of scar tissue to further secure the implant in place.

Depending on the size and location of your preferred facial implant, the procedure may require localized or general anesthesia. For most patients, the procedure is quick and simple, lasting anywhere from 1-3 hours. Thankfully, silicone facial implants create permanent, sculptural results so that you can appreciate your reflection that much more each and every day.

Where Facial Implants Help

Facial implants can go nearly anywhere to sculpt, enhance, or shape. At Bentley Skincare & Wellness, we use the latest and safest silicone implants from Implantech. These surgeon-designed implantable devices can add contour and definition to your cheeks, chin, jawline, temples, and nose.

Silicone facial implants come in numerous shapes and sizes to match your ultimate goals. During your consultation at Bentley Skincare & Wellness in Springfield, MO, we’ll speak with you at length to determine the location, size, and contour of an ideal facial implant for you.

Facial Implants FAQs

Unlike the silicone implants used for breast augmentations (which need to be replaced at certain intervals), silicone facial implants typically last for the rest of your life. Once positioned beneath your facial skin, your body responds to the implanted device by creating a pocket of scar tissue, further securing the implant in place. The implant will not degrade over time or pose a risk of rupture (as breast implants), so it should go with you forever.

No, not on average. Facial implants work by changing the way soft tissue flows across your face. When used to augment cheeks, chins, jaws, temples, and noses, these implants should have little to no effect on how you smile or how your smile appears. You’re simply adding shape where you want it rather than changing the way your facial muscles pull the overlying skin.

For an overwhelming majority of patients, facial implants are completely safe. Medical grade silicone is widely used for other surgical purposes. The same material is used for pacemakers, stents, valves, catheters, and other medically-necessary devices. As such, the same substance that’s used for your facial implants is already widely used, studied, and applied in other, non-cosmetic disciplines.

Create a Face to Match Your Spirit at Bentley Skincare & Wellness

Cosmetic and aesthetic technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, but there’s still only so much an injectable, laser, or collagen induction treatment can do. For permanent and drastic results, surgical intervention is still the leading treatment option. To achieve the facial contours you desire, safe and effective, medical-grade silicone facial implants are the way forward.

At Bentley Skincare & Wellness in Springfield, MO, we never recommend surgical interventions as a default treatment option. We’ll speak with you at length about your goals, expectations, and medical history to recommend the solution that works best for you. To learn more about facial implants, contact us or schedule your consultation today.

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