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Hormone replacement therapy can help you sleep, reduce hot flashes, & combat other common menopause symptoms.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Springfield, MO

Menopause is a natural transition for women of a certain age, but its symptoms, like hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and weight gain, can be disruptive. At Bentley Skincare & Wellness in Springfield, Missouri, we offer BioTE®, a unique hormone replacement therapy (HRT) solution that combats the most common and uncomfortable symptoms of hormonal imbalances and menopause, helping you regain control and well-being. Let’s delve into the ins and outs of this treatment.

How BioTE® HRT Works

At nearly every point or major moment in our lives from puberty onward, hormones dictate some of the innermost and intimate functions of our bodies. It makes sense, then, that a hormone imbalance can have you feeling and living like less of yourself. Pregnancy and menopause represent drastic shifts in our hormone production, and the symptoms of such a shift can be challenging to live with. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

BioTE® utilizes implantable pellets, roughly the size of a grain of rice, to deliver consistent hormone release for up to 5 months. This minimally invasive approach addresses hormonal imbalances in both women and men, often arising during life transitions like menopause or following specific medical treatments.

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Hormone Replacement for Women

For women, BioTE® can significantly reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms, empowering you to reclaim your energy and mood. With this treatment, hot flashes and night sweats become things of the past, allowing you to rediscover the confidence that comes with improved libido and vaginal health. BioTE® also supports overall health by regulating estrogen and thyroid levels, benefiting metabolism, brain function, memory, skin health, and bone strength.

Hormone Replacement for Men

Men can also experience the positive effects of BioTE®. Regulating testosterone and thyroid levels optimizes heart health and metabolism, combating fatigue and improving energy levels. Additionally, BioTE® addresses mood fluctuations and sleep disturbances while promoting sexual function and well-being by tackling issues like libido and erectile dysfunction.

If you’re facing the persistent and bothersome symptoms of hormonal imbalance, BioTE® may be the solution you’ve been seeking. It provides a convenient and long-lasting option compared to traditional HRT methods, minimizing the need for frequent dosing while offering a minimally invasive approach. Contact Bentley Skin Care & Wellness today to discuss your individual needs and learn if BioTE® is right for you.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Your Frequently Asked Questions

While not technically a weight loss supplement, BioTE® may help some patients shed extra weight. Hormone imbalances can sap your energy, causing you to live a more sedentary lifestyle. It’s also not unusual for depression and anxiety to occur during periods of hormonal imbalance. BioTE® can address any hormone-related weight gain by restoring you to more balanced levels.

It’s not uncommon for anxiety to accompany periods of hormonal imbalance. Hormones often help us cope during periods of stress, but adrenal systems kept at full throttle may strand you in a near-constant state of anxiety. BioTE® can correct these hormonal imbalances for a healthier coping response, leading to fewer negative emotions and feelings of panic.

As an implantable, rice-sized pellet, BioTE® lasts in men and women for anywhere between 4–5 months. Relief from common symptoms may become noticeable in as few as 3 days after implantation. The dissolvable pellet will eventually fade away but can be easily replaced by another.

Although BioTE® is a generally well-tolerated approach to HRT, some individuals may experience mild side effects like temporary acne, facial hair growth, or hair thinning. However, these symptoms typically occur in less than 5% of patients and are often easily managed. It’s also important to note that every individual is different, and it’s crucial to discuss potential side effects with your healthcare provider to determine if BioTE® is right for you.

Age Healthier & Live Happier with Bentley Skincare & Wellness

By conservative estimates, over 1 million American women experience menopause each year. On top of other common causes for hormonal imbalances in men and women (such as pregnancy, acute injury, intense cancer treatments, and others), this number represents an undiagnosed metropolitan area full of people who just aren’t themselves. Thankfully, there are answers.

During your consultation at Bentley Skincare & Wellness, we’ll speak with you about your symptoms and discuss your options for achieving balance and a sense of self. BioTE® bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may just be what you need to resume life as you know it.

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