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How Quickly Does PRP Treatment Work?

Dealing with cosmetic concerns or injuries is never fun. If you’d like to help your body look at feel its best, our PRP treatments at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, MO might be what you’re looking for. Here’s what you need to know.

How Quickly Does PRP Treatment Work?

Whether you are dealing with chronic pain or you’re trying to target a cosmetic concern that you have, finding a fast-acting treatment is important. PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy is a highly effective way to do things like reduce pain, rejuvenate your appearance, and even help combat male pattern baldness.

After you get your treatment, you will begin to see the results you’re looking for around four to six weeks later. The PRP treatment will continue to work over the next six to nine months, leaving you with effective and long-lasting results.

What Is PRP Treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma is made up of two portions. The first is plasma or the liquid part of your blood. The second portion is your platelets. Platelets are a type of blood cell in charge of several tasks. First, they help your body heal by encouraging clotting. They also contain growth factors, triggering cell reproduction in your body to help healing occur even faster.

If you are getting this type of therapy, then your doctor will take a sample of your blood before separating the plasma and the platelets from the other components of your blood.

How Does It Work?

Once the platelets and plasma have been separated from the rest of your blood, your doctor will inject the treatment into your targeted area. If you need to get an injection in a more challenging area, then your doctor may use an ultrasound to help ensure the treatment is going to the right place.

As soon as the treatment is injected, it will begin to work. The platelets will begin to encourage cell regeneration in the area via their growth factors, helping to heal any injuries that you may have in the area.

How Does It Compare to Other Treatments?


In many cases, a doctor may prescribe medication to help deal with things like injuries. For instance, you might be given steroids to take. Certain medications might be prescribed for certain cosmetic concerns.

However, medication isn’t right for everyone. Some medications may carry side effects that you don’t like the sounds of, or your body might not react well to what your doctor has prescribed. Getting PRP injections is a great alternative because it utilizes your body’s own healing processes to encourage cell regeneration. Additionally, while medication can work quickly, it won’t necessarily last as long as something like PRP.


There are many issues that surgery can target. For instance, if you have a severe injury, your doctor might recommend surgery. It can also be used as a way to maintain a younger appearance. However, surgeries can be quite invasive, and you might need to take several months of downtime to recover properly.

If you get PRP injections instead, you won’t need to worry about taking any downtime. You’ll also avoid many of the risks and side effects that come with surgery, along with the expenses while still getting equally impressive and long-lasting results.

What Will Treatment Be Like?

Preparing for Your Injections

We’ll consult with you to answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the treatment and ensure that you have realistic expectations. We’ll also inform you on how to prepare for your treatment. There are a few simple instructions you’ll need to remember.

For instance, for the week or so leading up to your appointment, you should stop taking anti-inflammatory medications as well as any medications or supplements that could cause your blood to thin. On the day of your treatment, you’ll want to eat at least one full, healthy meal and drink plenty of water.

Your Treatment

The entire treatment process for PRP is very fast and easy. As soon as you walk into our clinic, you’ll know that you’re in the good hands of our caring, professional staff. We’ll start by cleaning the areas where you’re going to get your injections.

We’ll then start applying the treatment to your desired areas. The process is very fast and painless. You’ll only feel a small pinch as we apply the needle. Treatment generally takes around an hour to complete, and you can leave the clinic as soon as your appointment is done.

After Your Treatment

To ensure that your treatment works quickly and that you get the best results possible, we will give you instructions on how to care for your body as the PRP treatment begins to work. Over the next few days, make sure that you are continuing to drink lots of water, as this will help to speed up the healing process.

Don’t take any medications for the next few days, either, unless your doctor has specifically told you to take them. Also, avoid any extreme temperatures, don’t take baths for at least 24 hours, and avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco.

What Can PRP Treatment Target?

Hair Loss

Hair loss can make you feel embarrassed and affect your self-esteem. If you’re looking for a way to grow your hair back, then this treatment could be exactly what you need.

When you get this treatment to combat hair loss, the PRP injections will go into your scalp. This will stimulate your body’s hair production and give you a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Skin Rejuvenation

There are lots of things that can affect your skin and make you feel older than you really are. For instance, aging can cause a lot of major changes to the way your skin looks and feels. As your skin begins to lose elasticity, you’re likely to notice issues like wrinkling and sagging that can drastically age your appearance.

If you don’t like the way these changes are making you look, PRP might be the perfect solution. When it’s injected into the areas of your skin that are losing elasticity and causing wrinkles, the treatment will encourage the cells in the area to work more effectively. This will improve elasticity and keep your skin looking firm and youthful.


If you deal with migraines, then you know how painful they can be. Migraines are much more than a normal headache, and they can make it impossible to do the things you enjoy. Migraines can be caused by a number of things including genetics, environmental factors, and imbalances in certain hormones, like serotonin.

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to manage your migraines and live a pain-free life again? PRP therapy will encourage your body to repair damage on its own, rather than having to rely on medications. This makes it a far lower-risk option than many others.

Ligament and Tendon Damage

Sports injuries can not only be painful but can take a long time to heal. If you have damaged a ligament or a tendon, you might need to anticipate a long, difficult healing process. Unfortunately, healing might be made more difficult by the fact that your daily life requires a lot of moving around, meaning you may not be able to get the rest you need.

Getting surgery to treat injuries like this often requires several months of downtime afterward. Instead, you might want to talk to your doctor about getting PRP therapy, which will require zero downtime.

Post-Surgical Healing

PRP therapy can be used as an alternative to surgery, or it can be used in conjunction with surgery. If getting surgery to treat your cosmetic concerns or your injuries is the best solution for you and you want to help speed up the healing process and get back to your regular life faster, then you may want to think about getting this treatment.

By stimulating your body’s natural cell reproduction, you’ll find that you heal from your surgery much faster. This will be especially helpful for areas that are notoriously hard to heal.

Call Our Clinic Today

Are you ready to learn more about how effective PRP treatment might be for you? It’s time to get in touch with our clinic. We’ll be more than happy to welcome you and help you look and feel your best. If you’d like to get in touch, call us today at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, MO.

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