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Combine Dermaplaning and a Facial Peel for Even More Amazing Results

Every one of us has looked in the mirror and thought our skin could use a little pick me up. Whether it’s lack of sleep, not eating as well as we’d like or daily stressors that keep us from taking care of our skin the way we normally do, our skin can look dull, uneven, tired and aged. If you’re struggling with imperfections on your skin, call Bentley Skincare & Wellness and Wellness in Springfield, MO and ask about dermaplaning and what it can be combined with for even more amazing results.

Why Does Our Skin Look Dull?

It’s one of those things you may not notice until you’re sitting next to someone who’s skin is glowing and vibrant. We can all feel our skin isn’t at its best from time to time, but we rarely know what to do about it. We might grab a mask at the drugstore or just promise to wash our faces at night more regularly.

That’s not going to be enough if you’re dealing with a layer of dead and dull skin cells. Here are just a few of the things that may affect your complexion:

  • Dirt and debris in your pores
  • Excess sebum clogging large pores
  • Uneven texture
  • Blackheads
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Peach fuzz trapping oils, makeup, and pollutants


What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an innovative way to exfoliate the skin to reveal a brighter and smoother surface. This treatment uses a medical-grade scalpel held at a 45-degree angle that gently “scrapes” the top layer of skin away. This scraping removes complexion dulling:

  • Dead skin cells
  • Excess oils
  • Makeup
  • Damaged cells
  • Peach Fuzz

This method of exfoliation is getting a lot of attention because people are posting the amazing volume of dead cells and debris coming off their faces to social media. This is a fairly new treatment to the cosmetic world, but not to beauty insiders. Rumor has it Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces, knowing the amazing exfoliation and unparalleled smoothness it provides.

A Note on Peach Fuzz

We know the question has been burning in your mind since we mentioned it. If your peach fuzz is shaved away by dermaplaning, it will not grow back darker or thicker. It’s not physically possible. If you think about it, you’re essentially only “cutting” the hair. The real root of your hair is under your skin, and it’s there that the texture and pigment are decided.

If our hair grew back darker and thicker, can you imagine what the hair on our legs would look like? It’s a fair question because this is an old wives’ tale that has really taken hold, but you can rest assured that your peach fuzz will only grow back as peach fuzz.

Before Treatment

When you decide this is the right treatment for you, there is no preparation for you to do because this is a non-invasive treatment. It’s considered a “lunchtime” treatment, meaning you can schedule this on a quick break from work and go right back to the office. Most people don’t even reapply makeup because their skin glows so much afterward.

During Treatment

When you arrive, you’ll be made comfortable, and your face may be washed to get all the topical makeup and oil off to maximize your treatment. You’ll lie back in a treatment chair and your skincare specialist will use their medical-grade tool to scrape off the dulling top layer of your skin and peach fuzz.

When your treatment is done, there are no special post-treatment instructions except to always use sunscreen. When you have dermaplaning done, those little peach fuzz hairs can no longer provide the protection from UV rays for which they’re intended.


The number one result people rave about is how incredibly smooth their skin is after treatment. The other wow factor is how clear and bright their complexions look without the dulling layer of top dead skin acting like a veil to vibrant skin.

An unexpected result for many clients is how easily their topical treatment products go on and are absorbed. Your skin has nothing acting as a barrier and preventing you from enjoying the full benefits of your skincare products. Your makeup will go on amazingly well and you’ll look younger while you wear it because the makeup won’t settle into creases that were riddled will dead cells. Makeup comes off more easily, too.

How Often Should I Get Treatment?

It’s recommended you have this done once a month. It takes about a month for your skin cells to regenerate, so just about the time you’re accumulating another layer of dead cells, you can have them removed again.

Complementary Treatments

You now know that after dermaplaning all your facial products will work better and your makeup will wear easier. This treatment is the perfect starting point for clients who want to get other aesthetic services.

One of the best treatments to pair with dermplaning is chemical peels.

What Are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are one of the easiest ways to not only reveal a brighter complexion by removing the dulling layer of skin but are also incredibly versatile and can be personalized to address each client’s area of concern and desired outcome.

Chemical peels are a great way to address a variety of concerns, and there is one perfect for any skin type, tone and condition. Chemical peels come in three different strengths, each addressing different levels of concerns. These are great treatments to address:

  • Uneven tone and texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin impurities
  • Large pores
  • Skin laxity
  • Dull complexion

It’s important to choose a wellness center wisely so you can consult with a skincare professional who will lead you to the right option for you and your skin care needs and concerns. Some of the choices include:

PCA Peels

PCA chemical peels come in different levels so you can decide the intensity of treatment you want. These peels are known for encouraging cell turnover by exfoliating the top layer of skin from the surface. These new cells bring fresh skin to the surface. This skin shows less sun damage and is free dirt and debris.

To decide which PCA peel is right for you, your skincare specialist will do a skin analysis and discuss the best options for your areas of concern.

Modified and Enhanced Jessner’s

These peels gently exfoliate, brightening the skin while inhibiting pigment production to keep your skin bright and to stave off the return of an uneven tone. There are three options for this peel. One is perfect for acne-prone and sensitive skin, one is a great choice for normal skin and the third is for resilient skin requiring deeper treatment.

They are each designed to clear and prevent breakouts and promote an even skin tone.

Sensi Peel

As you can guess from the name, this is a great peel for everyone, including those with very sensitive skin. Formulated with 6% trichloroacetic acid (TCA), this will improve the texture of your skin while also promoting a brighter and more even skin tone. This peel layers in ingredients that help to hydrate as they exfoliate like:

  • Lactic acid (naturally found in milk and sugar; part of the body’s natural moisturizing process)
  • Kojic acid (promotes an even skin tone)
  • Vitamin C (a strong antioxidant to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles)
  • TCA (addresses the appearance of lines and wrinkles in light and medium depth peels)


Ultra Peel I

This is for people with maturing skin who want an improvement in the appearance of their fine lines and the surface texture of crepey skin while brightening pigmentation and getting a more even skin tone. This contains 10% TCA for a more targeted approach to the signs of aging.

Ultra Forte Peel

This is the perfect choice for people with more resilient skin who want to address more dramatic wrinkling, residual acne scarring, and more prominent sun damage. With PCAs strongest blend of TCA, this will effectively treat breakouts, pigment disorders, smoker’s skin, photodamaged skin, and aging skin.

Containing 20% TCA, this is a physician-applied peel and can yield transformative results.

Smoothing Body Peel Treatment

Also from PCA, this is for areas of our body that have thicker skin but need a boost of rejuvenation. This TCA peel will smooth, firm and brighten, revealing an improvement in skin tone, appearance, and texture.


Chemical peels aren’t the only treatment that you will experience better results from after dermaplaning. Remember, after dermaplaning your skin doesn’t have a dull layer of dead skin cells acting as a barrier to treatment, so whatever you choose to do, it will boost your results. We recommend the HydraFacial.

What Is the HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a patented skin treatment designed with all skin types, tones and colors in mind. People of all ages can benefit from this truly unique facial experience. HydraFacial uses its VortexTechnology on a handheld wand that has exchangeable tips that perform different functions throughout the facial.

This facial is getting a lot of attention because of the proprietary blends of serums they use to infuse the skin with exactly what it needs to be its healthiest. The basic facial has four distinct steps.

Step One: Cleanse

Your skincare specialist will manually cleanse your skin before getting the facial started so that your skin is a clean slate for all the wonderful serums it’s about to receive. Next, the VortexFusion wand is used to remove any lingering makeup, dirt or debris as it wipes away dead cells on the surface.

Step Two: Acid Peel

Your skin will be infused, quickly and gently, with a glycolic acid peel. Before your facial begins, you can choose the level of peel you want during this portion of the facial. This works to exfoliate the skin even more.

Step Three: Extractions

The tip is switched to a Vortex Extraction tool and everything that’s been clogging your pores is literally sucked out, leaving you with a clean and uncongested complexion. Serums are also applied to soothe and calm your skin.

Step Four: Serums

Your skin will be infused with an antioxidant blend that works to boost collagen and increase your skin’s overall hydration levels.


The results are immediate. Many people come in feeling they’re looking aged, tired and dull and leave with a brighter, firmer and smoother appearance. Because this is a customizable facial, it’s appropriate for even the most sensitive skin types.

Why Wait for Skin You Love?

You should love to look at the skin you’re in. If you’re ready to reveal a brighter, smoother and younger-looking appearance, call Bentley Skincare & Wellness and Wellness in Springfield, MO for an appointment. We take caring for your skin very seriously and are committed to all of our clients looking and feeling their absolute best with dermaplaning and facial peel. 

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