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Enhance Your Brows with Microblading

Most makeup artists believe that thin brows are the biggest beauty mistake one can make. Sparse brows can look aged and add imbalance to the features. Unfortunately, some of us were born with thin brows, plucked too many little hairs away or lost our brows due to a medical condition. Microblading has become an amazing cosmetic procedure that can create the perfect set of brows for every unique individual. The technique is impressive because the results look natural and blend in beautifully with whatever brow hairs you have. A client with no hair can also achieve ideal and real-looking brows. This modern beauty trend has revolutionized how we approach thin brows.

A Precise Technique

Microblading is performed with a handheld device that makes tiny hair-like strokes right above the skin’s dermis layer. Pigment from the device is then deposited into the area. The technique is different from a tattoo artist who injects ink below the dermis.

There are a large variety of pigment shades to choose from, and some creative technicians use up various different colors to seamlessly blend in with the client’s natural brow hairs. The effects are semi-permanent and will require touch-ups as your brows gradually fade over time.

The Brow Mapping Step

Before the procedure begins, an experienced technician will take the time to measure and decide where to start, arch and end your new brows. The brow mapping step is essential and can take some time to get perfect. Determining the thickness of the brows is another key part of the process for the technician in shaping your pair. These little details matter when performing microblading on a client.

The microblading procedure is performed right here in the comfort of our office. A touch-up session may be recommended for refinement and to help the pigment last for a longer period of time.

Getting Started

Maybe you’re tired of penciling, powdering or gel-slicking your thin brows for fullness and definition. Microblading remains a hot beauty trend because it looks so natural and like the new brows have always been yours. Here at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, MO, our skilled and talented brow technician is among the finest and ready to deliver your dream brows. Schedule your consultation, and let us show you all the microblading details and artistry we use in achieving the best-looking brows you can imagine. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started!

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