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How Effective Is Laser Hair Removal?

Shaving is time-consuming, expensive, and can cause painful razor burn. But with the use of inexpensive and highly effective laser hair removal springfield mo, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate the annoyance of shaving from your life for good. Here at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, Missouri, we would like to give you a complete understanding of how this process works and what makes it so incredibly effective.

You may wonder if you can save money and do it on your own with a home laser removal kit you can buy online. As lasers can be incredibly dangerous, it is important to work with a highly trained professional for your laser removal needs.

How Effective Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal eliminates at least 90% of hair growth. Instead of only removing the hair – as with shaving or waxing – the laser heats up the hair follicles, rendering them inactive and unable to grow hair. To understand why you need multiple sessions, let’s explore how your hair growth works.

Hair Growth Explained

The hairs on your body go through 3 stages of growth. During stage 1, the Anagen phase, your hair is actively growing. During stage 2, the Catagen phase, hair growth stops and the hair bulb is pushed upwards. During the final stage, the Telogen phase, hair is released and falls out. All of your individual hairs are in different stages of the growth process. Our bodies stagger the stages of hair growth so that we have hair all the time.

Only about 20% of hair is in the Anagen phase (actively growing) at any given time. Laser treatments are only effective on hair and hair follicles in the Anagen phase. Receiving multiple treatments ensures that all hair is removed while in this active growth stage.

10 Other Questions You May Have

1. How Does the Treatment Work?

During your treatment, a highly concentrated light beam will pulsate into the hair follicles. The light creates heat, which permanently prevents the hair follicles from growing more hair. The hair that is currently in those follicles will fall out. The laser is designed to be absorbed by the pigment in your hair, not your skin, which prevents damage to the tissues surrounding the hair.

2. How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Since everyone has a different thickness and consistency of hair, the number of treatments needed will vary. However, we recommend at least 6 treatments to anyone who is looking for complete removal of hair with long-lasting results. With our packages of 6 being deeply discounted at 50% off, laser removal treatments are more affordable now than ever before.

Treatments are done at 4-6 week intervals, so if you are planning ahead for next summer or for a special event you will want to start as soon as possible. 6 sessions will take 6-9 months to complete.

3. How Long Are the Sessions?

Most sessions will take less than an hour. However, if the hair is especially thick or if you are getting treatment on a very large area it may take a bit longer. Underarm and facial sessions can be done during your lunch hour with time to spare. Allow more time if you are getting treatment on your entire legs.

4. How Long Do the Effects Last?

Laser hair removal springfield mo is permanent. However, hormonal changes can cause hair growth in places where it wasn’t previously growing. Also, there may be some hair that was not in the Anagen phase when any of the treatments were done causing it to grow back. For this reason, all of our packages come with four touch-up sessions to take care of those pesky hairs that weren’t eliminated during the initial sessions.

5. Is It Painful?

You may experience warmth during your treatment, but this is temporary. We will provide you with protective eye coverings so you will not be affected by the bright light during your sessions. Besides some redness after the treatment, you will experience no long term discomfort. Many people find waxing to be more painful than laser removal.

6. Which Areas Can I Have Hair Removed From?

Laser removal can be done on the following parts of the body:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Face
  • Bikini line
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Scalp

You can even get those little tufts of hair on your toes removed! The only area that cannot receive treatment is the eyebrows. Lasers are not safe to use in such close proximity to the eyes.

7. Can Men Get This Treatment?

Laser removal is gaining more popularity for men as well as women. Men no longer have to live with a hairy back or chest as several treatments will eliminate unwanted body hair. Some men even decide to get a laser on their face to reduce the need for shaving and issues with razor burn. If you are a man who shaves his head on a regular basis, laser treatment could eliminate the need for that as well.

If you would like to reduce the amount of hair on your body without completely eliminating it, we will adjust the number of sessions to keep the desired amount of hair. This is a great option for men with very thick hair that do not wish to be completely hairless but would like their hair growth to be more manageable.

8. Will I Have Any Long-Term Damage From These Treatments?

Although you may have temporary redness in the days following your treatment, there has been no evidence of long-term damage from laser therapy. The highly concentrated light only travels as far as your hair follicle so anything deeper than that – such as organs, muscles, and bones – is completely safe.

9. Is It Expensive?

Laser hair removal springfield mo is incredibly affordable at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness. To give you an idea, an underarm laser session costs $150 and a complete leg session costs $400. While you will notice a decrease in hair after one session, we recommend a full 6 sessions if your goal is to remove all hair permanently.

When you purchase a package of 6, you get 50% off the regular price. So a package of 6 underarm treatments is only $450! In addition, packages come with four touch-up sessions. For more information about pricing visit our website and pricing chart.

10. Can I Trust Your Office?

Our experienced, professional, and knowledgeable staff will walk you through every step of the process. Your comfort is our priority, and we pride ourselves on taking excellent care of everyone that walks through our doors. We value our good reputation among the community and online, and taking good care of everyone is key to maintaining that reputation.

Pre-Treatment Care

Correctly preparing for your laser removal treatments will give you the best outcome. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself:

  • Avoid sun exposure at least two weeks prior to treatment
  • Avoid sunless tanning products at least two weeks prior to treatment
  • Exfoliate any sunless tanning products from your skin
  • Stop waxing six weeks prior to treatment
  • Avoid tweezing six weeks prior to treatment
  • If you are sunburnt or tanned, wait two weeks before treatment
  • Avoid chemical peels two weeks prior to treatment
  • Avoid botox or dermal fillers two weeks prior to treatment
  • Come to your sessions with the area shaved (not waxed)
  • Remove all makeup if you are getting laser therapy on your face
  • Check with your primary doctor to make sure this is right for you

Post-Treatment Care

It is important to follow correct post-treatment protocols to prevent irritation and infection. Some tips to follow include:

  • Use a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF whenever exposed to the sun
  • Avoid sun exposure for two weeks after treatment
  • Refrain from waxing or tweezing at any point
  • Avoid heat such as saunas or hot tubs for 48 hours
  • Take cool showers for the next 48 hours
  • Gently exfoliate the treated area to encourage hair to fall out
  • Treat irritation with aloe vera
  • Avoid makeup, body wash, lotion, and deodorant for a few days

Celebrities Who Love Laser

Since its public introduction in 1995, millions of people have successfully gotten their hair removed via laser. Some celebrities who use this method are:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Eva Longoria
  • Cameron Diaz

Perhaps, like these celebrities, you don’t have the time in your schedule to shave every day. Or perhaps you are often in the limelight and you can’t afford to have hair stubble coming up all the time. The Kardashians and other celebrities are huge advocates for this treatment because it helps them achieve a flawless look without eating up long periods of time.

People Who May Not Be Able to Receive Treatments

Although laser treatments are suitable for much of the population, there are a few groups of people who cannot receive laser removal.

Pregnant Women

It is advised that no type of laser treatment be administered to pregnant women. The vulnerability of the fetus and lack of evidence as to how the fetus will be affected make it an unsafe treatment option.

Those With Tattoos on the Area

Applying lasers to an area with a tattoo can result in burns, blisters, or skin damage. In addition, the laser could damage and distort the tattoo. For this reason, you cannot get laser therapy on any area with a tattoo.

Those With Skin Conditions

Laser treatments are not recommended for people with skin conditions or infections. Also, if you are taking medications that create photosensitivity, you may not be able to receive laser treatments. It is important to consult with your primary physician before moving forward with laser hair removal springfield mo.

People With Very Light Hair

It is the pigmentation in the hair which attracts the light from the laser. If there is very little pigmentation or none at all in the hair, the laser may not be effective. An in-person consultation is the only way to determine if you are a good candidate.

Start Your Journey to Smooth, Silky, Hairless Freedom Today!

Imagine slipping into your bikini without spending any time shaving. How easy will it be to put on your favorite shorts and a tank top without the slightest worry about whether your stubble is long enough to be noticed? As a man, how much easier would your morning routine be if you didn’t have to shave as frequently? Laser removal gives you the freedom to live your life without taking time out of your day to shave.

You should only let the most experienced and caring professionals take care of your hair removal needs. We will take the time to assess your needs, explain the process to you, and walk you through every step of your journey. We are so excited to help you achieve the results you desire. Call us at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, Missouri to schedule your consultation today!

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