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How Long Does Voluma Last?

Juvederm Voluma is one of the most popular anti-aging injectables on the market. This beloved formula is proudly offered at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, MO and offers a number of cosmetic benefits. It also offers other benefits, like durability unparalleled by other hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. Keep reading to find out how long this injectable lasts, how you can get the most out of your treatment, and much more.

How Long Does Voluma Last? 

You can generally expect your ideal Voluma results to last for an astonishing 24 months. No other HA-based dermal filler on the market comes close to such longevity. Each Juvederm formula is made up of hyaluronic acid with different molecular densities. In other words, each formula is tailored for different regions of the face, making for extremely effective treatments. The results of this formula last so long due to the density of the hyaluronic acid molecules and cross-linking technology.

How Can I Make My Results Last Longer? 

To enjoy your ideal results for as long as possible, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Wearing sunscreen every day will go a long way in ensuring your ideal results last as long as possible because the sun’s UVC rays damage collagen. However, you need to make sure that the sunscreen you choose protects against UVC damage, and it should be reapplied every four hours. If possible, go for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Another great way to extend the longevity of your results is to eat nutritiously. There’s nothing wrong with having foods that don’t nourish you in moderation. However, you need to make sure you’re eating enough protein every day and getting your RDA of vitamin C. Vitamin C, water, and amino acids from bioavailable protein are all essential for the health of your skin and the integrity of your results.

What Should I Avoid to Maintain the Integrity of My Results? 

There are several things besides unprotected sun exposure that can reduce the longevity of your results. For example, tobacco products spell trouble for the health and strength of your collagen. For results that last as long as possible, you should eliminate nicotine from your life. Another important thing to avoid is excess alcohol consumption. Depending on your age and sex, you should limit yourself to one or two units of alcohol per day.

How Long Will My Treatment Session Take? 

A multitude of factors affect how long your treatment session will take. For example, your treatment session will take longer if you are treating severe cosmetic concerns rather than moderate cosmetic concerns. This is because the greater your concerns are, the more injections you will need to get an effective dose.

Another factor that affects how long your treatment session will take is the scope of your cosmetic concerns. If you need other cosmetic treatments to address concerns in other areas, like your lips, mouth, or eye area, your treatment session will take longer. We will give you a better idea of how long your treatment session may take during your initial consultation. Just know that you shouldn’t expect your session to take longer than an hour even if you have any concerns.

What Can I Expect During My Treatment Session? 

Before your treatment session begins, we will inspect your areas of concern for signs of irritation. If your skin is irritated by the sun or anything else, your appointment will be postponed. Your appointment will also need to be rescheduled if you are sick at the time of your treatment session. If your skin is in good condition, it will be cleaned thoroughly, and we will mark the most strategic injection points.

Then, we will administer the ideal dose into your areas of concern. All told, treatment sessions usually take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. However, to reiterate, your treatment session may take significantly longer if you are addressing concerns in other parts of your face and need other formulas injected, too.

What Can I Expect After My Treatment Session? 

There is no downtime required after your treatment session, so you are free to return to work if you want to. If you are only trying to improve the appearance of your midface, you should easily be able to fit this treatment into your lunch break. However, you will need to follow some simple post-treatment care guidelines. For example, you need to protect your skin from sun damage and avoid excessive heat and sweating.

It’s okay to participate in moderate physical activity. However, if you want to exercise within 24 hours of your treatment, keep a finger on the pulse of how difficult it is to breathe. If you feel like you can’t sing or hold a conversation easily, reduce your workout intensity. Other important things to avoid after your treatment session include alcohol, tobacco products, and applying too much pressure to your midface.

How Should I Care for My Skin After My Treatment? 

Once your treatment session is complete, you should very gently moisturize the treatment area. You should also make sure that you stay hydrated and well-nourished. This treatment will improve your appearance immediately because the hyaluronic acid-based gel adds a bit of volume to the treatment area. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid attracts and binds to an astonishing amount of water which further volumizes the area.

However, it will be 10 to 14 days before your final results become apparent. This is because Juvederm injections work by increasing localized collagen production. The more nourished and hydrated you are, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your final results. Three of the most important ingredients for collagen production are water, vitamin C, and amino acids. Hydration can come from broth-based soups, produce, and plain coffee and tea. Amino acids can come from vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Treatment? 

This treatment may be appropriate for you if you are over the age of 21 and have concerns about the appearance of your midface. Usually, it is used to restore volume to the apple of the cheek due to moderate or severe collagen loss. However, it is also incredibly effective at improving your appearance if your cheeks look gaunt due to massive facial fat loss.

There is also a good chance you will qualify for this treatment if you would like to recontour your cheekbones or lift sagging jowls. Moreover, it can drastically improve the appearance of your under-eye region when injected just above the cheekbone because it induces extra collagen production, and collagen plays a key role in keeping your skin tight.

Who Isn’t a Good Candidate for This Treatment? 

Even if you’re old enough for Juvederm injections, this treatment may not be appropriate for you. To verify that this treatment will be safe and effective, you need to come in for an initial evaluation of your health, cosmetic concerns, and goals. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you will not qualify for these injections. You will also not qualify for these injections if you have to take NSAIDs daily, can’t temporarily stop taking MAOIs, or have irritated skin.

How Should I Prepare for My Treatment Session? 

One of the most important preparation steps to take prior to your treatment session is to stop taking anything that can thin your blood or prevent it from clotting. As mentioned previously, you need to be able to stop taking MAOIs and NSAIDs. However, it is not just drugs that you need to avoid taking. You also need to not take certain dietary supplements, like vitamin E, fish oil, or Ginkgo biloba.

Another important step to take prior to your injection session is to not use skincare products that have the potential to irritate your skin. For example, you should not use any anti-aging cream or preventative acne medication that contains retinol. You should also avoid using any skincare products or treatments containing salicylic or glycolic acid. These ingredients are commonly used in anti-wrinkle creams and chemical peels.

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Voluma results can be expected to last for a full two years before they start to fade. This unparalleled durability is thanks to the unique molecular structure of the hyaluronic acid and the highly advanced cross-linking technology holding it together. If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your midface, book an evaluation now at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, MO. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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