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Is Bellafill Good for Under Eyes?

When you look in the mirror, do your eyes look less…youthful? If the answer is yes, don’t worry. You’re not alone in experiencing these changes. But what you really need to know is that Bellafill, a unique dermal filler, can help correct these concerns and add more youth to your face. At Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, MO, we’ve seen these improvements for ourselves and have to confess we’re impressed.

Is Bellafill Good for Under Eyes?

Yes, this filler works beautifully to erase the appearance of sagging, wrinkles, puffiness, bags, and dark circles under the eyes. It is much more predictable than under-eye fat grafting and lasts far longer than dermal fillers made with hyaluronic acid (HA). And after three to six months, your body replaces Bellafill (Bella) with your own tissue so you don’t even know it was there; this ensures you enjoy the most natural, fool-proof results possible.

Let’s talk for a moment about the reasons for undereye bags and dark circles. Lifestyle factors definitely play a part; lack of sleep, tobacco use, and sun damage take their toll so that with time, the eye area looks dull and fatigued. Age itself is another culprit; as the years add up, facial tissues weaken and the fat that supported them in our youth starts to sink. Many patients also experience a degree of bone loss in the eye area that creates hollows.

Collagen Production

One of the best ways to combat these effects is with collagen production. Along with hyaluronic acid (HA) and elastin, collagen forms the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) that exists below your skin’s surface. Outside your range of sight, the ECM forms the scaffolding upon which skin sits. But collagen synthesis slows with age. The ECM then starts to crumble, and in the spaces where collagen disintegrates, your skin develops lines, wrinkles, and hollows.

As a dermal filler, Bella immediately smooths and plumps the skin’s surface. But thanks to its unique composition, this filler also turns on your body’s collagen production to naturally restore and improve your skin’s appearance. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres suspended in a smooth, rich gel are non-resorbable, meaning the body cannot absorb them.

PMMA Microspheres

This may at first sound alarming, but it is in fact the key to Bellafill’s success. Once this filler is injected, the body starts to generate its own collagen that merges with the microspheres. Eventually, 80% of your collagen mingles with 20% of the microspheres to fill a wrinkle or hollow. As more collagen is produced, it replaces that which is old and degraded with fresh and healthy cells.

Different types of collagen exist in different parts of the body. For the skin, types I and III contain specific amino acids that help prevent and/or minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Bella is the only dermal filler that stimulates both types for distinctly smooth and long-lasting results. In fact, it is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to continue improving your appearance for five years or more; some patients enjoy their results for up to 10 years.

Is It Safe?

With FDA approval, yes, you can be assured of this filler’s safety profile. PMMA microspheres provide structural support to the skin and have been used for decades in medical implants. The gel itself is metabolized by your body with time, but the PMMA microspheres are not. They continue to lift and plump skin until your body’s natural collagen takes its place.

For a completely comfortable Bellafill treatment, this filler also contains a small dose of lidocaine. It works immediately so you feel nothing during treatment, and after, its effects wear away quickly so you’re not numb the rest of the day.

Can Be Used Elsewhere

This filler isn’t just for under the eyes, however. It’s approved by the FDA to correct nasolabial folds and moderate to severe acne scars on the cheeks. The premise in these spots is the same: by promoting collagen production, Bella smooths the skin’s surface for a more youthful and vibrant appearance. And as a surprising bonus that many other fillers do not provide, this one also stimulates blood flow to the face to restore the skin’s youthful glow.

Why is blood flow important? As a refresher, it delivers oxygen and other nutrients to your tissues and sweeps away toxins. It promotes skin health from within, and in tandem with collagen gives you a softer and more radiant complexion.

Forget about Downtime

Bella is non-invasive and therefore does not require any downtime. You can return to normal activities immediately. And many patients qualify for treatment thanks to its high safety profile. Men and women alike with a variety of skin tones and types can opt for this filler.

The candidacy requirements are few: you must be 21 years or older and take a skin test prior to treatment. Those with allergies to bovine collagen, lidocaine, or other substances should let us know during the consultation. We’ll also ask questions to learn about your medical history and understand your treatment goals.

Precision Is Required

To obtain the long-lasting results Bella is capable of delivering, a meticulous technique must be employed during the injections. Each person sees results develop on their own timeline, but in general, most enjoy immediate improvements because of the filler’s collagen content. This is derived from calves and similar in nature to the collagen we as humans naturally produce.

You can expect to see final results around the three-month milestone. This is generally how long it takes collagen to ramp up and fill in creases and lines in a treated area. We’ll craft a treatment plan based on your needs, but in most cases, Bella is injected over several treatment sessions, each spaced around eight weeks apart. This prevents under- and over-correction to provide just the right results.

Patients Love Their Results

Dermal fillers are extremely popular among patients for two reasons: they deliver real results and can be administered in just minutes. Bella is no different in either of these regards, but it enjoys outstanding customer satisfaction rates that other treatments may not have. As the subject of the longest and biggest dermal filler study ever conducted, Bella demonstrated an impressive 87% patient retention rate after five years.

Also after five years, those same patients rated their satisfaction with treatment at 90%. Keep in mind this study included 1008 subjects across the U.S. Many patients who have used dermal fillers in the past turn to Bella because they want more permanent results.

Comparing This Filler to Others

The dermal fillers market is not light by any means, which gives you plenty of options if you’re interested in treatment. One of these options is Sculptra, also heralded for stimulating collagen production once injected. When compared to Bellafill, however, Sculptra falls a little short. It lasts only two years versus Bella’s five years or longer.

Sculptra also requires yearly maintenance, and results can take between four and eight weeks to develop. Bella provides immediate results that only improve with time. This is not to say Sculptra isn’t a quality product, because it is. But Bella offers another choice for those who want immediate and long-lasting results.

Matching It Against Radiesse

Radiesse is still another filler known for creating a “lattice” structure under the skin. It delivers beautiful results, but two key differences separate this filler from Bella. First and foremost, Radiesse lasts two years; as you already know, Bella lasts longer.

These two fillers are also distinguished by their consistency. Radiesse is much thicker, meaning it works well to volumize a particular spot. It is not, however, recommended for thinner tissues and therefore may not be the best option for mature skin.

How Bella Stacks up to Hyaluronic Acid

Many dermal fillers, such as Radiesse, are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance that helps hydrate and plump tissues. We mentioned HA and its role in the ECM earlier; with this knowledge in mind, you’d be correct in assuming HA is pretty important to skin health. Dermal fillers that contain this sugar are therefore very beneficial.

HA temporarily restores volume, smooths away wrinkles, and erases fine lines. It can also be injected into the lips for a plumper pout. But Bella lasts longer and requires far fewer maintenance sessions. The choice between Bella and a filler made with HA therefore depends on your personal preferences. Both yield lovely results; the key difference is in longevity.

Bella vs Fat Grafting

Surgeons sometimes use fat grafting to restore lost volume in facial areas. It can work well but poses a few obstacles, including the need for surgery to harvest the fat and then place it. This placement process is highly unpredictable, and the amount of fat that remains after the procedure ranges from 35% to 85%. When speaking about a delicate area like under the eyes, this unpredictability can mean you may or may not see results.

Bellafill, on the other hand, is a straightforward treatment with dependable results. You immediately see volume and a smoother surface, and it then continues working with your body to improve your appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bovine Collagen?

Many patients want to know about bovine collagen, one of the ingredients in Bella. Collagen exists abundantly in the human body and can likewise be found in numerous animals, including cows. Bovine collagen is one type of this protein and has shown to provide a number of health benefits for humans, including bone loss prevention, arthritis relief, and improved skin health.

How Long Does One Session Take?

Bella can typically be administered in just 30 to 45 minutes. We’ll first clean the area to be treated and then move forward with injections. Once we’re finished, you are free to go about the rest of your day.

Can I Have Just One Treatment?

Some patients achieve the results they want with just one treatment, but most choose to have two. This depends on the depth and severity of your wrinkles and folds. Because sessions are spaced about two months apart, you can wait and see the results of your first treatment before choosing to have a second.

Why Is a Skin Test Required Prior to Treatment?

This is a safety measure. We want to ensure you’re not allergic to the anesthetic (lidocaine) or bovine collagen found in Bella. If we determine from the skin test you are allergic to one or both of these ingredients, we can recommend an alternative treatment.

Enjoy Long-Lasting, Natural Results

Bellafill delivers natural, long-lasting results that enhance rather than alter your beauty. It works wonderfully well when administered under the eyes and can also be used to correct acne scars, laugh lines, and nasolabial folds – among other concerns. Schedule your consultation today by calling Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, MO.

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