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Does Scar Revision Really Work?

When your skin is torn, cut or injured, your body heals the wound with the formation of scar tissue. The scar can be obvious, almost invisible, disfiguring, sunken, wide, raised, red or pale. The scar may cause a distortion of your features such as your lips or eyes. One of the best options for treating scars is called scar revision.

The amount of improvement you will see with scar revision is dependent on the location, size, type and severity of your scarring. You may be instructed to use a variety of topical products for the treatment of discoloration, surface scars and to aid in faster healing.

Scars can be cosmetically improved with surface treatments. This method can decrease uneven pigmentation and soften surface irregularities. This type of scar revision is controlled to either change the nature of your tissue or remove the top layers of your skin.

Deeper scars sometimes require an incision to enable the surgeon to remove the old scar. Other scars need a layered closure. This is generally used for areas with a lot of movement. The first layer or step is a sub-dermal closure using non-removable or absorbable sutures. The closure layers will keep building until they conclude with closing what remains of the surface wound.

Radiofrequency technology can be used to lessen the appearance of scars at Bentley Skincare & Wellness & Wellness in Springfield, MO. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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