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How Does Venus Legacy Treatment Help with Fat Reduction?

Everyone wants to look and feel their very best. One of the biggest differences you can make is contouring and trimming down your body while reducing fat. There is an effective treatment available with no downtime or pain to soften any deeper wrinkles, smooth cellulite, and melt away fat. This fat reduction treatment is called Venus Legacy treatment. You can achieve sensational results including decreasing the size of your waist, contouring your stomach and having more definition in your abdomen. The device uses a combination of pulsed electromagnetic fields and multipolar radio frequency technology in addition to VariPulse technology. This means the therapeutic heat energy penetrating deeply into your skin is safe. The heat increases the circulation of your blood, effectively tightens and plumps your skin and leaves behind a radiant glow.

In most cases, you will be able to see your fat reduction results after only one treatment. The best part is there is absolutely no discomfort, pain or downtime. Simply complete your session and resume your life exactly where you left off. This is a non-surgical treatment for helping to eliminate stubborn cellulite and fat on your body, face, and neck. Most treatments require 30 to 40 minutes to complete. The number of sessions you will need depend on what areas you are having treated. At least six sessions will be necessary for your face, 10 for your body, and eight for your neck. You will not experience any pain or discomfort no matter which parts of your body are being treated. Venus Legacy treatment is a revolutionary way to achieve fat reduction, decrease the appearance of cellulite, minimize wrinkles, and tighten your skin.

Unlike so many procedures, you will not have to wait a long time to begin noticing results. Most individuals start to see results after their first treatment. The procedure helps slow down the process of aging because the nourishment to your cells is increased along with your blood flow. New technology has enabled a feature using adjustable pulsed suction called VariPulse. This enables combined energies to be delivered comfortably and uniformly. Your lymphatic drainage is stimulated with fast homogeneous heating. Everything has been designed to ensure you are comfortable while you are being treated. There is no surgery, incisions, anesthesia, long recovery period, pain or any of the complications so often associated with surgery. These are only some of the reasons the treatment is becoming so popular.

This innovative treatment has combined pulsed electromagnetic fields, patented MP technology and multipolar radio frequency to deliver a therapeutic and soothing heat matrix directed at your skin. Your tissue experiences a thermal reaction from the radio frequency. This is what stimulates the natural healing mechanism of your body. This response results in the formation of new collagen, new elastin fibers and increases your fibroblasts production. The elastin, collagen, and fibroblasts in your body are responsible for keeping your skin, smooth, rejuvenated, tight, and more youthful in appearance. Unfortunately, all of these elements decrease as the body begins to age. Once your production increases again, you will begin to see even more benefits from the procedure.

Once your skin temperature has been elevated to the correct degree, the outcome you are hoping to see is usually achieved. This is due to the release of stress hormones by your body. The enzyme required for breaking down and decreasing the amount of fat in your body is activated by this release. This provides your body with better contours and a much smoother shape. The VariPulse technology makes this treatment stand out because your skin can be pulled upwards in a gentle motion because of the adjustable pulsed suction. This enables a much deeper penetration of the energy into your skin for the further stimulation of both lymphatic drainage and healthy circulation. Not only are these treatments painless and non-invasive, numerous individuals have stated they felt like they were having a soothing hot stone massage.

You will lay in comfort on a special bed during your treatment. A gel will be applied by the medical professional to your skin. This will enable an easy gliding of the applicator while protecting your skin. You will feel the consistent and smooth movements of the applicator as it glides across the surface of your skin. You can also feel the heat gradually increasing and the pulsating suction. The temperature will be kept at a comfortable level. Your treatment should take between 15 and 40 minutes depending on the size of the area or areas being treated. There are no side effects other than a little warmth and redness to your skin right after your procedure. This is not painful and will resolve itself within a couple of hours. During your initial consultation, you will be told how many treatments you will need.

The areas being treated will determine the number of procedures necessary to reach your optimal results. You will talk to the medical professional about what you want to achieve with your treatments including the areas you are interested in having treated. Keeping your expectations realistic is very important.

The newer advancements in technology have resulted in a treatment capable of cellulite and fat reduction while improving the overall appearance of your skin. The sensation and heat can even be customized for your specific comfort level. This is proven technology that is 100 percent safe. The short length of the treatments and no downtime make your sessions convenient no matter what your lifestyle. Once your session is complete, you can fulfill any obligations or commitments easily. Venus Legacy™ has been classified as a cosmetic treatment for heating the fat beneath the surface of your skin for fat reduction and tightening your skin. In addition to tightening your skin, the radiofrequency energy also enhances your collagen production. The suction gently pulling your tissue into the device further increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

The FDA has approved Venus Legacy™ for the treatment of facial wrinkles. Researchers and trained physicians have conducted many different clinical trials regarding this treatment. The results show the procedure improves the overall quality of the skin and tightens sagging and loose skin with a combination of pulsed magnetic fields and multipolar radio frequency. The procedure is extremely effective for creating a younger-looking appearance and diminishing wrinkles. Sagging and loose skin all over your body can be lifted and tightened with this treatment. The procedure decreases the look of cellulite, reduces fat, provides thinner and smoother thighs, flattens the abdomen and tightens the skin for a more toned appearance.

Fat Reduction Facts About Venus Legacy™

Cellulite is an issue people face on their body whether or not they are thin or a little overweight, men or women, still youthful or aging gracefully. Many of the experts believe cellulite is normal fat as opposed to something different. The reason cellulite appears is due to the weakening of the fibers found between your fat layer and your skin. The fat is able to come through the fibers in certain areas of your body. This leaves your skin with a bumpy texture. You can find a lot of procedures on the market for cellulite reduction. The problem is these are treatments for topical cellulite removal unable to provide results of anywhere near the same quality as this treatment. If you are tired of seeing cellulite on your body, this treatment is a good solution.

Some men and women begin to see cellulite developing as they start to age. This is because less collagen is being produced by the body, the muscles and fibers in the body start to become weaker and the body retains much more fat. This treatment was created to increase how much collagen your body is able to produce and break down the undesirable cells of fat to provide a slimmer, more toned and thinner appearance. Not only does the treatment reduce both fat and cellulite, you should see a noticeable difference in fine lines and wrinkles. One of the key reasons for the popularity of this treatment is that it is very comfortable.

You do not need to be concerned about any potential for a poor interaction with your skin due to the radiofrequency technology used during the procedure. If you have darker skin, you already know your results for most cellulite treatments are going to be poor. This system is effective no matter how light or dark the color of your skin. Multipolar radiofrequency waves produce heat beneath the layers of your skin to trigger the healing process natural to your body. As new collagen is produced by your body, the fibers tighten, deposits of fat dissolve, your skin appears smoother and issues including cellulite are finally resolved. The patented technology produces energy that will penetrate much deeper than the other available treatments. This means your benefits are significant and last for a long time. These benefits include:

• Decreasing focal fat
• Tightening sagging and lax skin
• The energy and technology are scientifically proven
• Safe for every type of skin
• Smoothing cellulite
• Smoothing out wrinkles
• Decreasing the appearance of stretch marks
• No downtime

Prior to your treatment you need to remove anything made of metal and all jewelry. Your skin needs to be clean and free of any cosmetics, creams and lotions. There cannot be a tattoo in the area you are having treated. Your treatment is safe and will not cause you any pain. A series of sessions will provide you with results lasting for a long time. The Venus Legacy™ offers you skin tightening, circumferential reduction, less wrinkles, cellulite reduction and body contouring without surgery. The procedure is as comfortable as receiving a massage. There have never been any side effects reported with this treatment. You will also enjoy the convenience and speed of your sessions no matter what color or type of skin you have.

A lot of individuals do not have much time for treatments due to family commitments, their job or a busy schedule. You do not have to take an extended period of time off work or allow for a recovery period because your sessions are fairly quick, convenient and there is no downtime. The procedure is performed by a medical professional so you can be assured you will receive the best results possible. If cellulite or the shape of your body is having a negative impact on your self-confidence, you need to consider having this treatment. After you have finished your sessions, your new appearance should boost your confidence. Simply continue with a good exercise routine and a healthy diet to help ensure you can enjoy your results for an extended period of time.

If you want to have a fat reduction with Venus Legacy™ treatment, please arrange to visit our team at Bentley Skincare & Wellness and Wellness in Springfield, MO. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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