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Why it’s important to have your treatment performed by a plastic surgeon


With neurotoxins, such as Botox, placement is key.  Improper placement of the product can lead to poor cosmetic and functional results.  With proper placement of neurotoxin you can see quicker results that last longer, making the treatments more cost effective.

Similarly, placement of injectable fillers, such as Juvederm, requires an extensive knowledge of facial anatomy.  Poor placement can lead to an unnatural look, and in some cases can lead to dangerous complications.  Our surgeons have extensive training in cosmetic surgery and know the facial anatomy intricately.  Proper injections will lead to beautiful results with good longevity.

Sometimes neurotoxins and fillers may not be appropriate for a given cosmetic concern and our surgeons can offer other services and procedures, where indicated.  Please contact us for a consultation to discuss the most appropriate options to address your concerns.


-Dr. Brendon Delport, D.O.

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